Knights of the Longbox


With Reinhard’s records intact, Syd, Sabrina and Claude flee into the harbor district to throw off the mysterious figure that may have caught them in the heist. Hiding out in an inn, they eventually make their way back to the Raney compound and wait for the return of Rimidan and Cale.

Rimidan meets with Nevitch Leney who offers Rimidan some of his history with his father. Nevitch tells him of his history of adventuring with Rimidan’s father as well as a pair of Dwarves named Rilli and Filli who have settled in Hammerfell. He says that the Leney brothers made a name for themselves in the northlands, fighting orc tribes and frost giant kingdoms before one last disastrous job brought them south and in contact with a mysterious artifact. Nevitch waves Rimidan off but Cale asks to be trained as an arcane archer by their new friend. Nevitch promises to help where he can.

Back at the Raney complex, the team makes a plan to use Reinhardt’s records to strike a blow against the slave trade. Following the records leads them to a common connection, a black market auctioneer named Dorian the Green. He kicks up a sizable percentage of his profits to Reinhardt’s book keepers once every few weeks for lots of humans. Cale advocates shaking Dorian down for information but Sabrina pushes to get Logan Ducane and the Harpers involved. Claude looks for a contact with the Harpers and finds Garron, a performer and secret agent. Garron agrees to do what he can to take in liberated slaves and gather information for the team but cautions that there are few Harpers in Shiverling and fewer still who can take direct action to bring down Reinhardt’s operation.

Late the next night, the team dons robes and masks and goes to Dorian’s home, a sprawling clubhouse at the top of a derelict tenement housing district. Sneaking in and assassinating his minotaur bodyguard, the group breaks into his apartment and interrogates the auctioneer. Dorian reveals that he sells regular lots that are brought in by a merchant named Agora, who picks up lots of slaves, supplied by The City of Brass deep in the Balro Desert. Cale marks a scar on Dorian and Sabrina steals a chest full of three pseudodragon eggs that were going to go up for auction.



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