Knights of the Longbox


With Syd returned to life, the party packs up the dragon’s hoard and heads into town, encountering Mother Barfa, an elderly halfling priestess of Yondalla. Barfa gives the adventureres some information about how the yuan-ti came to conquer the town and destroy its people, including dominating one of her sons. She requests that the adventurers spare her son as they flush out the serpents once and for all.
Making preparations to attack and finally acting, the adventurers attack a series a gates, pushing closer and closer to the temple, suffering a near fatal disaster when Syd is caught by a trapped ceiling close to the snake’s lair. Finally reaching the temple in the heart of an active volcano, the adventurers attack, encountering Eela, a legion of yuan-ti and the horrible abomination, a snake-man spellcaster.
Braving disaster multiple times, with Claude nearly dying, Sabrina being overwhelmed with fear, Barbaxis being turned into a tiny serpent and Logan Ducane nearly falling to Eela’s arrows, the adventurers push back, slaying the serpents and leaving Eela Ssyzareth for dead as she attempts to escape. Coated in blood and still licking their wounds, the party prepares to go deeper into the temple to find Norkas and the yuan-ti’s sacrifice.



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