Knights of the Longbox

Blood in the mine

After descending into the mine’s depths, the party begins carefully making their ways through the halls. The rapidly stumble upon the mine’s waste disposal area, being taken care of by a pair of goblins and a massive otyugh. Rimidan strikes the beast and is eventually wrapped in its tentacles but is saved by a deadly shot by Cale.

The party dusts themselves off and returns to the mine’s main hallway. While attempting to move about some of the detritis in the hall, Syd falls into the mess alerting one of the drow’s pet minotaurs. The beast grievously wounds Syd and the party rushes to save her, with Claude keeping her alive as Sabrina sticks the monster to the ground and Rimidan defends his compatriots. After a series of deadly blows, the minotaur lay dying and was finished off by Syd.

The group next found a barracks’ taken by the orcs. With some quick thinking, Syd manages to bluff the orcs into surrendering and the party interrogates the goons. Syd learns about the drow’s prison and Kharys Del’Ornazene, the brother of drow priestess, Lyzzra DelOrnazene. The orcs fear the sinister sorcerer and the party decides to attempt to liberate the prisoners before taking on the spellcaster.

After briefly considering sneaking by some vocal plants, the party decides to break into the prison but they quickly draw the attention of Kharys. He plunges the hallway into supernatural darkness and Sabrina and Cale rush to deal with him. Cale delivers the death blow with an impaling arrow and the group breathes a sigh of relief as the drow breathes his last.


JackPollockesque JackPollockesque

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