Knights of the Longbox

Blood in the sewers, secrets of the sands

While the group wonders what to do to deal with Pandrius, they work to find a way to heal Barbaxis. Calistara suggests the party head to the local church of Agon, of which she is a priest but Barbaxis thinks the church of Agon will turn him over when he’s healed. He suggests going to an underground priest of Aren in the undercity. Before heading down, the party stops at a magic shop where they meet a pair of noteworthy individuals, Balloc Grehr, an elven archaeologist, and his companion, Kingsley, a sinister, cackling jester. Their meeting is cut short, however, as a chain devil begins massacring passerbys. The party stops the Kython and meets Tanant of the Eternal Flame, a priest of The Eternal Flame who has been summoning demons to fight in the gladiator pits. The party shakes him down for information about his church and request he help them with a favor for stopping his called creature.

The group waits until dark and heads into the undercity, eventually finding the hidden church of Anton Seeng, an eccentric source of evil and malice with a long history with Barbaxis. He offers to heal the half orc if the party will help him with a financial issue. Anton’s side-business selling mind vapor, a highly illegal and extremely addictive drug, is in trouble with Felix Reinhard, a local businessman who’s been muscling in on Seeng’s rackets. He asks Syd to break into a Reinhard business to steal their books. Syd reluctantly agrees and the team leaves, Barbaxis returned to his humanoid form.

As the team escapes, they’re spotted by a member of the Crimson Scourges, a slave-hunting organization. Recognizing Barbaxis, the slave-hunter screams, setting a chase on the team. Barbaxis leads the group into the sewers and attempts to get out of the city. On the way out, they encounter a pair of sickly vampire spawn working with a gauth beholder. With a hard-fought battle, the team escapes the group of monsters and Barbaxis thanks them for all their help, promising to be there for them when they call.

With night fallen, Syd, Cale and Sabrina head out to case the warehouse while Claude and Rimidan try to track down information about Pandrius from Tanant. The women catch up with another thief casing the warehouse and gain some information as they work to come up with a plan. Rimidan and Claude track down the priest and learn about Pandrius’ father as well as his connection to a wizard from the Incarnum Academy in Dern. They track down that wizard, a collector named Ilan, who explains a little more about Pandrius’ eccentricities and history.

After days of casing the joint, Syd, Sabrina and Claude decide to charm their way into the warehouse to steal the books while Rimidan and Cale are pressed into helping House Ruckane in the gladiator pits as a favor to Rakan Baney. The pair head to the gladiator pits where they meet a one-eyed elf gladiator named Nevitch, whose drunkenness and bad behavior has forced the other House Ruckane gladiators to go on strike. Rimidan scouts out the competition, laying eyes on Felix Reinard and a mysterious, warrior cloaked in an unholy aura, but he’s quickly called to face off in the arena with Nevitch and Cale and Reinhard’s combatant, a massive tyrannosaurus rex.

Using Claude’s enchantments, the thieves talk their way into Reinhard’s warehouse before being stopped by the fishhouse’s foreman. Syd convinces their charmed guard that the foreman is a security threat and the party leaves him bleeding out on the floor as they rush to break into the office. There, Sabrina and Syd find an enchanted trap hiding all of Reinhard’s secrets, several volumes of records tracking years of illegal trade, everything from drug sales, slavery, assassinations, mercenary work and a host of other illegal action. Seeing an opportunity for profit, blackmail and righteous action, Sabrina, Syd and Claude steal all the records and attempt to escape with the rest of the treasure but are caught by a mysterious figure who disappears into the shadows.

Meanwhile, Cale, Rimidan and Nevitch face down the dinosaur, with Cale quickly finding a home in the beast’s mouth and then it’s gullet. Rimidan and Nevitch blast away at the animal, with Nevitch’s arcane arrows striking the animal repeatedly. As Cale slips into unconsciousness in the dinosaur’s stomach, Nevitch knocks the animal down and cuts the elf out of its guts to the delight of the crowd. As the group basks in adulation, Nevitch recognizes Rimidan, or a Rimidan, the paladin’s father, before he recognizes that he is, in fact, Rimidan’s uncle. Suddenly having a host of questions, Rimidan rushes to learn his newly found uncle’s secrets.



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