Knights of the Longbox

Deal with the demon

Deep within the ruins of Emery the party arrives at the tower of Pandrius, a half demon elf collector with a taste for the finery of civilizations long past. The negotiations with the cambion are tense as he sizes up the party for artifacts, eventually settling on the magic lenses the party found within the manticore’s lair. Pandrius demands them for himself while Cale and Rimindan offer to make a deal for access to the well. Pandrius seems hesitant but allows the party to test the magic properties of the well for themselves before making a deal.

The party agrees to work with Pandrius for access to the magic healing water of the well, agreeing to take 4 jobs a year from him in exchange for a payment and access to the water. After more tenseness, Cale hands off the lenses to one of Pandrius’ gargoyle servants and the party fills their waterskins with magic water and leave the ruins, with the half-fiend’s laughter echoing behind them.

Upon arrival on the path to Good Heel, the party finds that their water no longer hums with magic or retains its silver hue. Feeling tricked by Pandrius, the group briefly considers demanding answers from the collector but decides instead to return to Eela and the circus in Good Heel. They mount up and continue on their path only for Claude to spot a familiar green shape behind them. A certain troll is following them, having recovered from the wounds of its first encounter with the party. With Rimidan and Cale spurring their mounts to escape, Sabrina falls from the back of her horse, becoming a target for the lumbering monster.

The party dismounts and heads into battle, finally butchering the creature. They ultimately build a fire, charring the troll’s head and hacking its body into pieces before slinging them around the road. With their grim work complete and a storm on the horizon, the party mounts back up and heads into Good Heel, the circus’ performance already in full swing as the clouds break.



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