Knights of the Longbox

The journey south

Facing off against a hooded assassin and a pack of summoned, demonic apes, the party goes to work, battling the beasts and the ninja. The hooded assassin complicates the fight with a fog spell and makes his escape, although Syd attempts to keep track of the mysterious figure as he leaps across rooftops. Ultimately, the group fights off the beasts and manages to explore the house a little as the authorities arrive. They take note of a series of scrolls and papers the assassin was going over but don’t think much of them and leave as Eobard Redburn arrives to investigate the scene.

Returning to the Lord’s Pardon and sending Claude to gather information about the home’s tenant, the party decides that they should steal the papers the assassin was going over. They attempt to reenter the house but a guard mentions that the scene is closed as Eobard investigates. Ultimately, Cale decides to send her animal companion in to attempt to steal the scrolls. The snake enters the house but is quickly spotted and returns with only a scrap of one of the scrolls. The party beats a hasty retreat away from the crime scene for a second time.

Sabrina recognizes the writing on the scroll as Draconic and the party decides to seek out someone who could read the words. They ultimately decide to meet with Lavernicus, an alchemist and witch who Sabrina had met previously. Lavernicus recognizes that the scroll was written in code and offers to attempt to break the code if the party would collect four books on Infernal Planes for them. Sabrina agrees and leaves the code with Lavernicus as the party hopes to find the books they seek in Shiverling.

With night approaching and little information revealed about the home’s resident, Syd recommends that the party head south to join the circus they’d heard so much about. The party makes their remaining, last minute preparations and heads out of the city on horseback towards the circus. They arrive late in the night and are accosted by guards who eventually introduce them to Eela Ssyzareth, the manager of the circus. Eela questions the party’s motives and performing experience and Claude manages to help ease her worries about the group. After some convincing, Eela welcomes them to stay the night and promises to negotiate their contract with the circus the next morning.



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