Knights of the Longbox

The road to ruin

With the sick knights in tow, the party takes the pair of Vanguards of the Waste back to the Fields of Krane, hoping to find help for Syd’s insanity as well. Braving a sandstorm, a massive scorpion and a near deadly battle with a pair of sphinx, the team eventually brings Deegen and Olgern back to the fields and to Karsis, a grim priest of The Grey Knight and the Vanguard’s master, Head Valkyrie Gromang.

Gromang and Karsis argue over the fate of a half-orc contractor named Knot, who was found within the Fields. Gromang advocates crucifying Knot but Rimmodan intervenes, pushing for Knot to instead by imprisoned in Shiverling. Gromang reluctantly agrees and Knot promises to repay Rimmidan for his kindness.

Knot reveals that he had been hired by Belloq, an elf archaeologist serving a mysterious master named The Prodigal, to look for clues as to the whereabouts of the Lost Army within the fields. He brought a group of porters into the fields, where they were immediately set upon by fiends and the dead. They eventually found one of Egolas Cormanthor’s journals, which Belloq thought would lead him to the Army’s resting place. He returned to Shiverling while Knot was left behind. However, Knot and his men found evidence that Egolas’ sister and spymaster Braina maintained a secret safehouse deep in the fields that may hold more secrets to the army’s location. He reveals that one would only need to follow a magic trail to find the redoubt and that a secret passage west of the fields could be used to evade the Vanguards.

With new information and a chance to finally get ahead of the Sons of the Drake, the team endeavors to get into the fields and find Braina’s hideout but hope to enlist the Vanguard’s help in the dangerous quest.



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