Knights of the Longbox

The road to Shiverling

With the abomination and Eela dead, the adventurers head deeper into the temple, moving past a trapped door and finding the inner sanctum. There they find the nest of yuan ti eggs as well as a bound Norkas. Rescuing the gnome, Norkas leads them to Eela’s store room and the stone statue of Calistara, a priestess of Agon and the planned sacrifice. Freeing her with a scroll, Callistara thanks the adventurers and explains how she was captured. They catch her up on what has happened since she was petrified a month ago and she asks for their help in getting to her uncle’s compound in Shiverling.

The party returns to the halfling village, asking for Barfa’s help in healing up and taking care of the newst of yuan-ti eggs. Calliope Tass and Logan Ducane agree to stay in town as representatives of The Harpers to make sure the newly hatched yuan-ti don’t attempt to dominate the halfling village again. With a final gift from Barfa and the Church of Yondalla, the adventurers head south, into the woods again with the insane Perry in tow.

Following the path, the adventurers quickly note a plume of smoke and find a dwarven messenger, Corvo, attacked by a group of bugbears, his wagon burning. They chase off the goblin and take up the dwarf, who says he needs to get a message to the Sensei of the Way of the Empty Hand. Summoning his celestial steed, Rimidan takes the dwarf to the temple. There, they find Matteus, Barfa’s other son and Perry’s brother. Realizing that the scared bugbear reported the attack to his shogun, the sinister Oni, Ragorricks.

Preparing for a siege, Calistara takes the temple’s residents to a secure place as the adventurers face Ragorrics and his ninja bugbear clan. They promise to attack by nightfall but Cale starts the battle early by assassinating one of the ninjas. In a fight that nearly kills Sabrina twice, the group manages to defeat the clan, with Ragorricks, falling to an arrow in the eye. One bugbear nearly makes it into the temple when he’s killed by Syd but one person did make it into menace the priestess and temple, the fiendish assassin the group met in Sommerset. Rimmidan faces him briefly, but the killer makes his escape.

Healing Callistara, who fell to the killer, Corvo reveals that the assassin, a mysterious killer named Raz the Sting, wanted to know the secret he was carrying. After some convincing by Rimmidan and Cale, Corvo reveals his message, namely “The forges are lit, the Lost Army awaits command.” With the message in hand, the party takes off from the temple to deliver the words to the Sensei, at a redoubt further south.

The group meets briefly with the Sensei, a githzerai monk and native from the Astral Plane, who thanks them and offers the use of the temple’s hippogriffs to get them to Shiverling. The party agrees and makes the rest of the trip by air. After a few hours, the group arrives at Calistara’s uncle’s compound, the home of Rakan Baney, an art tycoon and merchant. They make a less than impressive impression on Rakan’s court mage, the snooty Agrela, but Rakan offers to repay the adventurers for rescuing his daughter by giving them a home in the compound, in exchange for a little help as muscle. The group, somewhat reluctantly, agrees and heads to their new home for some well-earned rest.

That rest is interrupted however, when Syd receives a mystical message from Pandrius in the form of a nightmare spell. The cambion requests that Syd procure a book for him, the tome “The Fane of Shadows” and promises that there will be hell to pay if they don’t make good on their deal. Syd, knowing Sabrina promised the book to Lavericus, makes a tentative deal while Pandrius attempts to draw blood. Awakened and still frightened by the sorcery, Syd explains what has happened and the team wonders just how soon they’ll have to deal with the eccentric demonic collector they’ve connected themselves to.



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