Knights of the Longbox

Into the dark

The adventurers prepare and mount an assault on the dwarven stronghold. Waiting for night and with the help of Rummiran and a contingent of centaurs, they begin their attack. Cale and Syd sneak into the goblin’s guardtower and begin the attack as Rimidan, Sabrina and Claude hold the line at the gates. In a few minutes, the ogres, orcs, goblins and worgs are vanguished with only Rimidan bloodied by battle. The party decides to rest in the goblins’ bunk after searching the housing for treasure.

The next morning, the party enters the mine and quickly find themselves in a deadly trap. Swords rush out of the walls and along the floors, slashing at the adventurers while Syd desperately tries to shut down the trap’s trigger with Rimidan defending her as best he can. Sabrina is slashed by one of the blades but healed by the paladin and the party is able to keep moving.

They eventually reach a destroyed elevator shaft the drow have broken to cut off the mine from the surface. After interrogating and disposing of an orc guard, the party learns a little more of the monsters that have reinforced the mine and begin lowering themselves into the dark. Moving down the rope, Sabrina slips and falls 60 feet, nearly dying as she crashes into the broken elevator at the bottom. Cale is able to keep her alive and as the rest of the party gathers in the dark depths, they prepare to go further into the dwarves’ stronghold.

In the court of the fey queen

After getting some directions from Feuvel, the party decides to search for the center of the Murkwood to meet with Queen Lillisandra about her knowledge of the changes around the forrest as well as to seek her permission to pursue the corruption in the mines. However, before they can get close to her sanctuary, the group encounters a pair of fierce owlbears.

After a pitched battle, the party meets Rummiran, the consort of the queen, who offers to bring the party to Lillisandra’s court. Despite Cale’s trepidations, the group decides to follow the satyr and meet with the queen. They’re lead to the center of the woods and meet with the nymph queen. Lillisandra responds to Rimidan’s faith and devotion to the old gods and offers her help to the party for a price.

Lillisandra agrees to commit a legion of centaurs under Rummirans’ command to aid in the assault of the mine. However, she demands the party to be her advocate in Sommerset. She demands the adventurers to petition Lady Alice Redburn to halt foresting in the Murkwood and says she’ll hold them accountable if action isn’t taken. Fearing reprisal from the fey, Cale and Rimmidan attempt to renegotiate the deal, with Claude seeking to negotiate with the Redburns with Rummiran’s help. Lillisandra agrees and commits her forces to the party’s help. They decide to rest and recuperate in the forrest’s center before heading towards the mine.

Into the woods

After sleeping off the ambush with the goblin commandos, the team decides to retrace their steps to the scene of the battle. Cale uses her tracking skills to follow the goblins back to their base, a small redoubt under a rock shelf. There, the adventurers find the spoils of the goblin’s ambushes, as well as a mysterious magic ring. They’re not able to savor the moment because a goblin patrol lead by an orc captain is heading towards the position. The team scrambles to set an ambush that goes south but they’re still able to defeat the monsters.

Heading north towards the mine, the team eventually stumbles upon a nest of giant spiders. Fearing Rimidan’s inability to sneak, Sabrina attempts to trick the spiders so they can get by but the arachnids follow them anyway. The team is eventually able to drive the giant spiders back, although they have to make time to free Sabrina from one of the monster’s web traps.

After clearing the spider-infested heart of the woods, Syd notices a lone house in the middle of a clearing in the woods. Suspicious, she investigates to find a gnome and a tiefling living inside. The group carefully approaches and meets Feuvel Firreste, a gnome priest and his assistant Tyrssa Rex. Feuvel tells them a little about his work in the forrest as well as offers some advice about the approach to the mine, while letting them know that the person with the most information about the forrest is Lillisandra, the nymph Queen of Murkwood, whose taken over the woods after the elven diaspora. The team ponders their next move as they leave Feuvel’s home.

The Adventure Begins
The players gather and enter the woods

Calemirel, Claude, Syd Brownbottle, Sabrina the Teenage Sorceress and Rimidan Leney accept a job from the city of Sommerset to work a patrol north of the city. Rapidly making one another’s acquaintance, the group heads north to the border of the Murkwoods, spotting a Goblin patrol moving into the trees.

Scouting ahead, Syd and Cale track the creatures into the woods before drawing their attention. The adventurers battle the raiding group, putting them down with swords, arrows and sorcery. While examining the bodies, Cale notes that the equipment seems odd, unlike what’s usually found in the area. The adventurers decide to return to town and report what they’ve seen to Eobard Redburn. Eobard considers the news and brings it to the attention of his sister Lady Alice Redburn and her advsior Theo Alber. Alice offers the adventurers a contract to look into whether the appearance of the goblins has anything to do with the disappearance of dwarf shipments from a mine north of the Murkwoods. After some negotiation over the price with Syd, the adventurers accept the contract and leave the castle.

Looking for more information about the equipment they’ve found, Claude hunts leads through the city as the rest of the team plans an excursion into the woods. Claude reveals that the weapons were forged underground. Intrigued, the adventurers spend the night in an inn, purchase equipment and head into the woods, after a brief encounter with some upset members of Talon Company.

Following tracks deeper into the Murkwoods, the adventurers wander into a trap set by a canny goblin commando. Syd is pelted with arrows and javelins and left nearly for dead as Sabrina and Cale lead the counterattack to put down the goblins. Seeking information about their enemies, Claude interrogates and tortures one goblin into revealing the situation in the mine. The goblin tells them that the drow have lead a group of slaves into overtaking a mine and have secured it with the help of a giant. Claude leaves the goblin for dead before Rimidan mercy kills the creature and the group ponders returning to Sommerset to gather allies before assaulting the mine. Sabrina and Cale convince the team to soldier on and they bed down for the night, hoping Syd can recover from her nearly fatal injuries.

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