The Grey Knight

Kelemvor-small.jpg According to Ultharian myth, upon your death, man meets The Grey Knight, a spectral fallen warrior who guards the gates of The Endless Fields, the eternal resting place of the undamned.

Legends differ on the identity of The Grey Knight, whether he’s Sir Petting, the saint who fell against a hoard of undead, Saint Grigori, the vampire hunter who pushed the damned underground and sealed them there for millenia, or if it is Kelemvor, the heartbroken warrior who guards the gates to protect his lover in paradise where he could not protect her in life.

The Grey Knight’s priests generally tend to be heavily involved in day to day life in cities. They work as coroners, doctors, herbalists, rangers and guards, with many working in high ranking positions in military forces. While there are many sects of the Grey Knight’s worship, generally breaking down by who they believe the knight to be, all of his worshippers bear a fierce and unwavering hatred of the undead and those who would disturb the peace of those who have fallen.

The Grey Knight is Lawful Neutral. His Domains are Death, Law, Healing and War.

The Grey Knight

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