The Kingdom of Ulthar


Formed in AG 125, Ulthar is a monarchy ruled by King Leo Arthas. The nation is ruled on a local level by city leaders, each of whom are free to use their own forms of government and pay fealty to Arthas.

Ulthar’s recent history is characterized by war. After initially being carved out from greater Turm in 124, Ulthar’s been embroiled in a host of conflicts that often see the government unable to oversee local issues. City-states are often left to defend themselves. However, the Royal Army has been recently dispatched throughout the nation to fight. In 146, Royal Forces fought a civil war with the city of Dern in the War of the Gem. In 152, cities across Ulthar rallied forces to join the Royal Army in battling Grumpth of the Red Banner during the Orc Wars.

These recent conflicts have left many cities’ forces depleted and unable to afford to field much more than a perfunctory guard force. As such, many of them, particularly isolated ones or those near orc and goblin tribes, have increasingly begun to depend more and more on adventurers to help deal with internal problems.

This has lead to some dissatisfaction among city leaders and one doesn’t have to go far to hear words questioning the aging King Arthas’ credibility and competence. Many question whether Arthas serves best as a warrior leader than as a man of peace.

Before the Orc Wars, Ulthar proper was primarily an agricultural state. The city states mostly survived off of the fertile ground, with each trading locally with other city states as well as dwarf clans, elven nations and halfling tribes for fine goods and other items. Now, in 158, with the Orc Wars ended only two years ago, many are still finding themselves recovering from the wars and struggling to find a way back to a sustainable economy. As such, many larger city-states have begun to fear the rise of a black market as well as criminal and mercenary enterprises.

Ulthar primarily worships Agon, the Sun God, but there is no enforced religion. There are pockets of worshippers of The Old Gods, Gruumsh and secret cults of Aren. There is no arcane magic tradition in Ulthar but wizards and sorcerers throughout the nation are generally treated respectfully.

City States
Ulthar City

The Kingdom of Ulthar

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