Past the mountains on the Northern border of Ulthar lies Turm, a nation of survivors and warriors. Turm holds sway over the Dragon Spine Mountains as well as the valleys and forests of the highlands.

Turm once held control of all of Ulthar but lost the nation in 124 during a peasant uprising which coincided with the War of the Beard. Former Queen Alva of the Blue ultimately allowed Ulthar’s independence in order to focus on a war with the dwarven tribes. Now, nearly 40 years later, Alva’s daughter Belladonna of the Blue, rules Turm in a solid alliance with the dwarves of the mountains.

However, Belladonna does not maintain the lassiez-faire attitude her mother shared on the subject of Ulthar. The two nations now maintain a carefully maintained peace, with Turm’s knights maintaining a close watch of the border and rumors of spies baring the Blue banner in Ulthar still persist.


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