Knights of the Longbox

In the Fields of Krane

With the information they were able to gain from Knot, the party purchases supplies and prepares to enter the Fields of Krane to find Braina Cormanthor’s secret spy outpost. The party decides not to inform the Vanguards of the Waste of their intentions, fearing that they could draw the attention of the Vanguards and instead plan to try to talk their way out if they’re caught by the Grey Knight’s agents.

Following the half-orc contractor’s advice, the team leaves the camp and heads west, eventually finding a trapped door Belloq’s expedition left behind. The group heads i, encountering a shapeshifting imp named Thorodius who they interrogate about the fields. Thorodius warns the of “The Angel of Death,” an Erinyes who prowls the skies and kills indiscriminately and informs them of a Hound Archon who’s been hunting demons as well. Thorodius also mentions a figure named The Jackal, who entered the Fields with Belloq’s party but has been killing and feasting on corpses since. The party dispatches Thorodius before he can escape and heads into the fields.

As they witness the destruction and wild magic of the fields, the group instantly falls prey to a hulking, mutated elf corpse. The party dispatches it, but not before being noticed by the erinyes, who flees deeper into the fields. The party endeavors to pick up Braina’s trail as well as try to hunt down the archon waging holy war.



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