Knights of the Longbox

Into the wastes

Looking for any help they can get before the attack, Rimidan and Cale consult with Nevitch Leney about their plans. Suspecting they’re pushing themselves against a major power, Nevitch asks what they’re planning and Rimidan reveals that the team is planning on striking Felix Reinhard’s slave trade. Nevitch supports the attack but cautions the team against making any move that will bring the whole city against them. Rimidan and Cale leave to gather magic items for the attack.

That night, the team moves into position, with Claude and Sabrina entering with Agora’s guards and Syd sneaking her way into the compound. Violence erupts quickly as Cale stops the caravan and Sabrina goes after a merciless troll mercenary named Erac, the Hammer. Syd quickly finds herself in over her head as opening the secret door behind the building summons a massive fire elemental. She rushes downstairs only to be ambushed by Agora, actually a shapeshifting Lamia.

The rest of the team fights a pitched battle against the troll, mercenaries and the burning creature, desperately holding on until the elemental returns to its plane. They rush to save Syd, whose sanity was drained by Agora as she fled. They’re not able to rest though, as Dread Knight Xanatar, leading a host of House Reinhard guards arrives at the scene to investigate. Panicking and with Syd losing her mind, Rimidan suggests holding off Xanatar so the rest of the party can escape but Cale commandeers a carriage and leads the party into the desert, with the mercenaries firing desperately at them. Without their supplies or water, the team desperately heads into the wastes, fleeing Xanatar’s wrath.



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