Knights of the Longbox

Shadow games

After a night of investigations, Claude and Sabrina don disguises and attempt to infiltrate Agora’s operation. The pair head into the chapterhouse of her merchant team and meet with Agora, who Claude realizes is wearing some sort of magical disguise. They claim they want to work for Agora as muscle, which Agora needs as they’ve been ordered by Felix Reinhard to bolster security in the wake of the theft of his books. The pair agree to help the next day when the merchants head out. While Claude and Sabrina talk, Syd sneaks around the building, finding a locked door to the basement. She believes Agora has kept slaves there before they’re sold by Dorian and decides to free them in the chaos of their attack.

While one group gains information, Cale and Rimidan look for more from a drunk Nevitch Leney. Nevitch babbles about his last job with Rimidan’s father, infiltrating a cave system where an ancient red dragon once dwelt. They find a hoard of treasure, including a mystical sealed box. Shortly after their excursion, Nevitch’s party is attacked by a mysterious cult, who slay Rimidan’s father’s animal companion, leave the party grievously wounded and sour the mood for adventure. Nevitch fled Sommerset and headed south, taking the box with him and hiding it in a secure, undisclosed location. Cale asks for any magical teaching Nevitch can provide and he advises her to pursue wizardry as she trains to become an arcane archer.

The party reconvenes that night to plan an attack on Agora’s compound, with Claude and Sabrina maintaining their disguises and the rest of the party attacking at a signal. Meanwhile, Syd intends to infiltrate the back of the chapterhouse to free the remaining slaves, who can be housed by Garron. Rimidan plans to seek more help from Nevitch before the attack and the plan is set.



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