Knights of the Longbox

A Faustian offer and the fiendslayer

Entering the deadly Fields of Krane, the party heads south, hoping to get a fuller view of their surroundings. There they find a devil who offers a diabolic pact for power and protection. Fearing betraying his ideals, Rimidan Leney rejects the devil’s offer and, with a better view of the cliff face they seek, the party heads north, towards the woods.

After facing a group of zombie centaurs, the pact devil, now with a pair of bearded devils in tow chases after them. A nearly deadly duel ensues, with both Syd and Rimidan nearly falling to the devils’ cursed spears. The group is eventually able to chase the devil off and heads deeper into the forrest.

Wounded from battle, the group decides to rest for the night. After failing to summon a magical shelter, the group decides to camp in the haunted woods, with Cale guarding them. She manages to fight off an elf wraith that attacks in the night before encountering a wounded wolf. She feeds the beast, which bites her and flees as she realizes that the bite carries the lycanthropic virus. Fearing that she’s contracted the disease, Cale spends all night hunting for the poison Belladonna, eventually finding it and exposing herself, vomiting and escaping the curse of the beast. Wondering if she’s encountered the mysterious Sons of the Drake killer The Jackal, Cale returns to the party as they head deeper into the woods.

After recovering, the party continues heading north, hoping to find the hound archon they’d heard about in the area. Eventually, they find a grisly scene, where a group of undead wights attempts to hang the canine angel. Cale fires an arrow through the noose rope, freeing the angel as the rest of the group slaughters the undead. The angel reveals his name is Tugareen, Hunter of the Seven Mountains of Heaven. He offers to help as part of his crusade to purge the undead within the fields. Together, the new group heads to a hideaway of some of the fiends. The party reequips and plans to head west towards the cliff face.

As they move through the forrest, they’re eventually spotted by the Angel of Death, a rogue erinyes preying on the weak. With a quiver of arrows and a carefully deployed tanglefoot bag, the group sends it back to the Nine Hells as they finally reach the shores of a cursed lake.


JackPollockesque JackPollockesque

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