Knights of the Longbox

Angel's fall and history unearthed

On the shore of the cursed lake, the team fights through a twisted war crab before scampering across a rickety set of wooden planks. While the group harvests the poison from the crab, they come to the attention of Blag’rath of the Brine, a young adult black dragon, demonically twisted by the Fields. Claude realizes that the dragon can be bribed with an offering of treasure and Rimidan leads the effort to appease the drake. Blag’rath accepts a tribute and flies away and the team begins to climb up the sheer cliff face, eventually encountering a slaad hiding in a cave. Tug advocates killing the anarchic outsider but Rimidan choses to spare the beast although Syd does steal its treasures, including a wand that fires goo.

The party rests for the night and prepares to climb the rest of the cliff face but see that Blag’rath has returned. The party waits until the dragon heads into the water before heading back up the cliff but they’re spotted quickly. As the dragon comes in for an attack, Tug leaps into the fray, throwing the monster to the ground and engaging in a desperate struggle. Rimidan leaps into battle as well and he and Sabrina kill the drake but not before it destroys Tug. Witnessing the angel’s fall, the party struggles to move forward but ultimately climbs the wall and finds Braina Cormanthor’s hideaway, protected by a magic seal, blocking anyone who lacks Cormanthor blood from entering. Ultimately, Sabrina is able to breach the barrier, revealing her royal heritage and finding the secrets of her bloodline.

Within Braina’s hideaway, the group finds a ghostly guardian, Trianne, Braina’s former handmaiden who has been bound by the magic of the fields. She tells the party about the final stand of the Cormanthors and the price some of the elves have had to pay for the magic unleashed. She leaves Braina’s journal to Sabrina, which reveals that Dagna, a dwarven runemaster was buried with the secrets of the lost army. With the diary in tow, the party takes a portal out of the fields and returns to its mission.



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